Let's Talk About
Autism and IEPs

T.W.B Coaching Practice Helps Parents of Autistic Children Solve IEP Struggles and Navigate the Autism journey.

Are you ready to​ change your child's ​IEP?

As a parent, you want what’s best for your ​child each and every day, but nobody at ​school seems to understand exactly what ​your child needs for a successful school day.
I get it. I’ve been there, too.I can’t wait to help you.

Imagine if...

You could breathe easy when sending ​your child to school.
You could stop dreading every ​interaction with school staff.
You slept better at night knowing your ​child was making progress at school, in ​the skills that mean the most for their ​future.

Free Download Powerful IEP Practical Resources for you and your child!

Hi, I'm Tasha!

I remember that feeling of walking into my first IEP meeting and feeling overwhelmed and confused. I never want you to feel that way!
I am a Autism Consultant, trained Master IEP Coach, and I hold a Degree in Human Service. With 15 years experiences in social education I’ve facilitated and helped many families and Special Education teams work together to build better IEPs, for the real world. I LOVE helping IEP teams and families collaborate together, confront structural barriers and break down boundaries in Special Education, so our Autistics can thrive!

What we can do together:


We'll get started immediately on ​your biggest IEP concerns.


Knowing how to clearly share your ​concerns is key. I'll show you how.

Meeting Attendance

You'll never have to walk into a ​meeting alone, again.

Trouble Shooting

I'll be here to help you every ​step of the way, so nothing feels ​out of control again.

Text, Phone Calls, or ​Zoom. You get to pick ​how​ ​we work together!

Your child's success and ​independence will always​ be our focus.

You'll finally be able to ​get all the IEP ​paperwork and emails ​unde​r​ control!

Does any of ​this sound like ​you?

Do you get frustrated with not knowing what ​your child is doing all day at school?
Are you worried your child isn’t learning enough ​or their IEP services aren’t the right ones?
Do you want to be able to walk into your next ​IEP meeting and NOT have any surprises?
That’s exactly why we should work together!

Let's Talk!

I know trusting someone to help you ​with your child’s IEP is a BIG deal.
Let’s get to know each other to see if ​we’re a good match for fixing your ​child’s IEP!

Stop losing sleep ​over IEP meetings!

Your child and your family need you for so ​many things. From deciding what’s for dinner ​to scheduling therapy appointments, and ​running errands on a Saturday.
School struggles should not be stealing so ​much of your energy.

COLLABORATION is key. I ​will help you build ​bridges with the IEP​ team,​ not burn them.

Data and research will ​be at the core of all your ​IEP decisions and ​requests​.​

Together we'll get the ​school in sync with your​ family values to mee​t your ​c​hild's needs!

Packed with step-by-step IEP planning sheets, time-saving ​templates, and helpful action steps, these free downloads will ​help you get focused immediately!



8 Year Old Child

My child was having meltdowns ​every day before school. Sh​e couldn’t tell me what was wrong​. Working with Tasha we were ab​le to figure it out and now my ch​ild loves school!


4 Year Old Child​
Sending my child off to school ​felt scary, but after working with ​Tasha I now have cl​ear communication with the teach​ers every d​ay.


6​ Year Old Twins
I’m so busy that I felt like I was ​failing my child at the IEP table. ​Working with Tasha means I don​’t have to worry about missing any​ IEP details.

Let's get started!

Check my calendar and schedule ​a time that works for you!

When we work together you will get:


We'll get started immediately on ​your biggest IEP concerns.

IEP Strategies that Work!

No more googling at 3am to figure ​out what you need to do next.

Meeting Support

Maybe you need me at your meeting, maybe ​you don't. No matter if I'm simply helping you ​prep or sitting at the IEP table with you... ​you will never be alone!

Family Supports

Location: 301-150 Central Park
Time: 4:30-5:00pm EST
If you have autism and/or IEPs concerns come out
You’re Welcome!
A safe place for real conversations.
One hour group debriefing.
IEP Document review
Parents and children are welcome (child care support available)

Free IEP Navigator Workshop

Next group starts on Saturday June 3rd, 2023 live on ZOOM
To parents of autistic children on an IEP.
Where you get to find out how you can pick meaningful goals and reach them in one year
  • Learn about accommodations and modifications
  • How to get serious about Services
  • Learn how you can get involved with the placement decisions without conflict.
  • And why you need to answer three questions for every Parent “input” Statement.

Don't forget to ​grab your free IEP ​planning tools!