You Can Laugh at IEP Problems, If You
Follow This Route.

Atten: Parents of Autistic Children

In the past 3 years we have witness the obvious… that our school system is failing our kids.
I know that you know this in your gut, with staff storages, under qualified staff, crowded classrooms and inappropriate environments (placements).
Most parents spend a lot of their time isolated and in worry for their child, which can only lead to Stagnant Waters and I promise you… there are no Green Pastures.
Parents of Autistic Children
Atten: Parents of Autistic Children
That’s why I want you to get this questionnaire, so you can create forward action that will generate results in your favor. In fact, I’m giving this to you to try it out, you don’t have to do the the hard work.
You may be wondering why I would give you this Questionnaire. Well….you know what? forget writing this…press play below, to hear my voice.

Brief Bio...and Why?

Hi, I’m Tasha Whittaker-Bennett and I am Autism Consultant, Train Master IEP Coach. I want to give parents this Questionnaire, a list of questions, that will help level up your experience. I have collected these questions along my journey, as a mother, that helped me, (did I mentioned… I have an autistic son and not just me but what it has done for many other parents, like you!) To stay proactive in monitoring our child’s IEP.

Tasha Whittaker-Bennett